Jennifer Yborra is a lifelong resident of Decatur, Illinois, excluding the eight years as a proud military spouse in Maryland and Alabama. She lives in Decatur with husband, Andy, of 27 years, two children, Andrew and Kaylie and one dog Lilli.As a local native she attended Decatur Public Schools and is a 1991 class graduate from Eisenhower High School. She went on to attended and obtain multiple college credits from Richland Community College, Anne Arundel Community College in Maryland and Alabama State University. Additional technical training resulted in a national certification from the American Board of Optician as well as an Illinois State Insurance Producers License in Life, Health, Property, and Casualty.Jennifer currently works in a Floater position throughout the departments for the Macon County Circuit Clerk’s Office. This position has provided the opportunity for her to become familiar with most positions in the office. The past 6 years with the Circuit Clerk’s office has allowed her to further enhance her professional skills, which include; attention to detail, organization, resourcefulness, and effective communication skills. Within the first year of employment, she formed a committee to help with organizing holiday decorating and events within the office while building team relationships. In addition to her regular duties, she began working closely with the Heartland Technical Academy Criminal Justice Program with job shadowing and promoting learning experiences, serves on the e-board and helps with contract negotiations with her union, pioneered the idea of putting together guideline notes for each task performed at each work station, and promotes positive teamwork with an infectious energy and passion.She owns with her husband and manages a successful small local business of 14 years. As a successful small business owner, she understands the importance of hard work, dedication, and customer service. Many friendships and loyal customers have been the result of this positive experience. In further support of our community, volunteering is also one of her priorities.Her volunteer experience started early on and is not limited to include over 200 hours as a candy striper at St. Mary’s Hospital, assisting in organizing and promoting engagement with spousal support groups for active military personnel, chaperoning and providing resources for pre-teens for an out of state church retreat, leading, organizing, and helping sponsor two major Decatur Youth Hockey fundraisers, serving as a team manager, board member, and representative for Decatur Youth Hockey League and Lincoln Land Hockey League, becoming a cheerleading coach for Decatur Junior Football League and Junior Bull Dogs, serving on a committee organizing a Union membership picnic to promote family and community.Some responsibilities of the Macon County Circuit Clerk include maintaining and securing records of the court, to ensure clear, timely communication and documentation between multiple agencies, work within budget guidelines and to serve the public all within the limitations of the law. Jennifer’s experience will serve as a strong foundation and facilitate a smooth transition to build on fiscal responsibility and quality service.